Tour overview

The name Golden Triangle reflects the Golden Opportunity to explore the most iconic destinations of India, that are always on the list of first-time visitors. The Golden Triangle makes you fall in love with India and tempts you to explore again and again the other amazing historical places that India has to offer.

The Golden Triangle Consists of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

Delhi is the capital of India and it welcomes visitors to its many boutique hotels and introduces you to its historical journey of modern technology via the thousands of miles (kilometres) of metro-rails and countless bustling market places filled with a rhythmic hum that is India.

Agra is a dream come true, visiting the Taj Mahal, does not just include an explanation of the monument of love, it provides an experience of the love that the Emperor felt for his beloved wife, and that love created one of the most enduring wonders of the world.

Jaipur is known as the Pink City and this is where history will repeat itself, narrating the story of Maharajas and Maharanis and the forts and palaces in which they lived. Jaipur gets you acquainted with the crazy crowds, musical traffic, smiling people, eye catching landscapes and its superb natural surroundings. In Jaipur your body, mind and soul settle into the Indian culture with the friendly and amazing locals who never cease to surprise you.

You will not perceive the depth of your experiences until the end of your journey, when you realise you are already thinking about your next adventure and India will be awaiting you, filled with so countless breathtaking experiences.


  • Accommodation with breakfast
  • Private Transport
  • Entry Tickets
  • Tour Guide

Not Included

  • Airfare
  • Guide Gratuity
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
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Day 1

Delhi-Pick up by private transport on arrival at the airport to the hotel where a warm welcome by your Tour Leader awaits you. Your Tour leader will be accompanying you throughout the trip. An introductory meeting will be held in evening and if you arrive early in morning and want to explore New Delhi, after having a rest, your Tour Leader will be there to give you a glimpse of New Delhi known as British/Luteyns Delhi.

New Delhi will mesmerise you, visiting India Gate “A War Memorial”, and a drive through Presidents’ House and the Indian Parliament, you will be tantalised by an introduction to the rollercoaster traffic and thronging crowds that are the epitome of New Delhi.

Day 2

Today after having your breakfast, you will be ready to explore Old Delhi by private transport. Old Delhi is in total a contrast to New Delhi. One of the largest Jama Mosque will delight and fascinate you with its history and Indo Islamic architecture built in red sandstone .

Be ready for a fun filled, crazy walk through the local colourful l bazaar of Chandni Chowk with mouth-watering street snacks and a cup of the world-famous Masala Chai. After finishing the walk, you will visit the spiritual abode of the Sikh religion known as “Shish Ganj Gurudwara”,a temple that will refresh your mind, body and soul with its serene spiritual atmosphere. You will come to understand the religion of humanity and appreciate the Sikh history and witness how Sikhs’ serve the community without discrimination against any cast, creed or religion.

Now, get ready for the Delhi metro train adventure which carries two million passengers a day, it is the second most populated city in the world. After enjoying the metro ride revel in the peace of the historical Lodi Gardens, bathe in its serenity while exploring nature and the history of the fifteenth century Lodi Dynasty. Your evening is free time to relax or explore a bit more of Delhi on your own.

Day 3

Be ready for the early morning drive by private transport to Jaipur while enjoying some local fruits and snacks on the way. There will be a stop for a lunch at neat and clean midway as it will be approximately a( six and a half hour journey). Jaipur is situated in the state of Rajasthan known as the “ Pink City”. Continuing the incredible adventure of life in Incredible India on private transport experience the colourful turbans of the men and women peeping through vibrantly coloured saris. The landscape is awe inspiring as it brings to life all that is India.

Meanwhile, enjoy your journey as you enter the beautiful pink city that is Jaipur. Late in the afternoon you will check into your hotel and relax ,we will then begin a mix of tuk-tuk adventures with a walk of the Old city known as the“ Walled Heritage City” declared by UNESCO. Now you will get the answers as to why it is known as Pink City .

Today your confidence will be tested while walking with the local “Jaipurites” while crossing the road in a crowd amid the crazy traffic. You will realise how easy it is as you have to stick with the basic principle of “Go with the flow” It is a great fun way to stop and see the colourful streets and flower markets or local bazaars while enjoying a cool drink at the “famous old lassi place” and the traditional Indian coffee house. This great day will come to an end with a once in a lifetime experience of the Bollywood Cinema, you may get goose bumps or your adrenaline levels may rise sky high when you hear whistles, screaming, and cheers from public when actors have their entry into a scene that is expressed with flair. Be a part of an Indian audience as once again you go with the flow, screaming and whistling, this an experience you will not be likely to have in your home country and you will miss it. Celebrating Bollywood will allow you to remember this enjoyable experience for the rest of your life.

Day 4

Enjoy a relaxing morning today, after your breakfast we will get ready to relive the life of Maharajas and Maharanis while visiting the breathtaking Amber Fort surrounded by the oldest Aravali Ranges boasting its might and power, all the while protecting the fort and making it unconquerable.
While exploring Amber Palace you will feel that your mind, body and soul is travelling in a time machine and you will not wish to return from that space in time. Once again you will begin to visualise the narratives of the history of rulers and your desire to envision forever, the stories of bravery, self-respect and generosity that will never come to an end. However, as a principle of life “that which starts must also end”. You can take the memories with you as they will never settle into oblivion, they will remain in your heart for ever. On completion of your visit to the Amber Palace, we will pause to capture the amazing views of the “Summer Palace” once again locking in the wonder of this place in your holiday photographs.

Jaipur is famous for its local art of block printings on different fabrics and heavenly paradise for gems and stone lovers. Give it a go learn how to cut and polish gems and stones. Experience how wooden blocks work on fabrics by involving yourself in the demonstration.

After some relaxing time, we will journey onward to visit and explore the next important historical site the“ Astronomical Observatory Jantar Mantar” that means “Instrumental Calculation”. It was built by Sawai Jai Singh in eighteenth century. You will be bewildered by knowing calculation of time through a sundial and other instrumental calculations used for unique purposes .Now, free time to explore Jaipur on your own or you can set forth on a city tour by night in a traditional Indian Jeep City Tour.

Day 5

After breakfast and check out from your hotel we are ready to continue our journey, before leaving Jaipur we will have time to take beautiful photographs of Wind Palace which is one of the highlighted photo stops in India. A five-storey honeycomb or Peacock feather design with 953 screened windows used by royal ladies to see the processions or functions of society that used to be conducted at that time. The royal ladies can see everything from inside the screen, however no stranger can have an evil eye on their beauty .

Our next adventure is a visit to the greatly anticipated Taj Mahal that makes your dreams come true. A journey of approximately 6 hours. We will stop for lunch on the way after which we will check into the hotel and you will have some time to relax before we head out to feel the love of Taj Mahal.

The Taj Mahal is one of the great wonders of the world, built by a Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan to give tribute to his beloved Mumtaj. Intoxicating emotions of happiness, love, passion and tragedy will be felt while listening to the story of Taj Mahal. You will experience the sun giving dramatic natural effects of light, along with the sounds of the crowd, and the reflections of white marble as the sun sets slowly over the stunning Taj Mahal.

After taking time to reflect on India’s emblem of love, sit back and relax over dinner, giving cheers with a glass of wine to the immortal love story of the Taj Mahal. After an enchanting day you will sleep deeply with sweet dreams of the Taj Mahal.

Day 6

This morning, enjoy your breakfast and then check out of the hotel. Our expedition today will take us to one of the most stunning forts known as Agra Fort, here you will come to understand the rise and fall of the Mughal Dynasty. The amazing stories of different architectures from brick to limestone to redsandstone and the beautiful marble era. All this in one fort which took almost hundred years to build by four generations with different tastes in architecture.

After exploring Agra Fort an opportunity to visit the local craftsmen of intricate handmade, hand knotted carpets, learn about the ingenious process of creating carpets on this excursion this will add to the happiness of the local artisans by appreciating and inspiring their beautiful handwork. We will then head back to Delhi a trip that will take approximately 5 hours after which we can take rest.

Day 7

The day has come to bid Adieu/ Goodbye, your private transport will be waiting to take you to the airport as our introduction to India has come to an end. Your mind has already started planning your next adventure that will treat you to many new marvels that creates a deeper understanding of India, its people and culture. We anticipate your return with delight. India has blessed you with a myriad of fond memories, you will always recall the friendly smiles and laughter of the Indian people along with the positive energy and the never give up attitudes towards life.

Included Activities

Delhi-Jama Mosque, Sikh Gurudwara, Lodi Garden.
Jaipur-Amber Fort ,Jantar Mantar,Bollywood Cinema.
Local Art-Block Printing and Gems and stones.
Agra-Taj Mahal,Agra Fort.
Local Art-Handmade Carpet.

Optional Activities

Delhi-Birla Temple
Jaipur-Jeep Safari-Jaipur By night City Tour

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