As COVID-19 spreads without any significant sign of slowing down, we are left wondering about those who must travel for any given reason. If you are someone who must urgently travel abroad or even within your country, there are certain precautions that you must take. First, the most important thing is to understand the gravity of the situation and to avoid travelling. But if this is an absolute necessity, there are ways you can ensure your safety, and the safety of those travelling with you.

Get yourself checked
Before you get on a flight or train, make sure that you get yourself checked. It is important to find out whether you have been infected so that you do not spread it to others. So get your temperature and other vitals checked, and know that you are perfectly fit to travel.

Check your destination

Travel precautions during Coronavirus pandemicCredit: iStock

Before you plan to set out, yet another thing to do is to check your destination country or state (if you are travelling within your country). Go through the day’s latest news, and find out what is the health update for your destination. You do not want to go to a high-risk country and get infected.

Keep your hands to yourself
There is always a chance that you might touch someone who is infected, and this is why shaking hands is a strict no-no. Also, touching doorknobs, and other surfaces can also cause trouble, hence try not to touch anything or anyone. Always, wash your hands at every chance you get, and keep a sanitizer just in case. But you do not need to wash your hands with sanitizer at every moment. If you are travelling with a companion, do not touch each other.

Do not panic

Travel precautions during Coronavirus pandemicCredit: iStock

On arrival at your destination, you might get checked for fever. Do not lie to the authorities or panic. Tell the authorities about the country you are coming from, and if they detect a slight temperature, cooperate. In quarantine, you will be safe, and they will test you for COVID-19. It is best to get the virus detected early on, and get help.

It is best to avoid travelling to Europe currently, especially Italy. As per reports, Italy saw 368 deaths in 24 hours, bringing the total deaths to 368. Spain, on the other hand, recorded a total of 288 deaths.